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NYC - Day 4a

I just deleted my original first sentence because I wrote, "This may have been my favorite day." But, it's hard to pick a favorite in NYC. Then again, yeah - this was my favorite. It started at St. Paul's Chapel - which is part of Trinity Church parish but actually about 4 blocks away (we'll visit there before the day is over). St. Paul's chapel not only survived the great NYC fire of the revolution in 1776, but became know as the "little chapel that stood" after 9/11. Located across the street from the World Trade Center Buildings, it is remarkable that it came through unscathed. It then served as a go-to for first responders and other workers needing rest in its pews, a quick meal, or a sounding-board found in the many volunteers who came to help. You can read more about it here.

This bell was presented to the City of NY
by the City of London after 9/11.
An inscription reads,
"Forged in Adversity 11 September 2001"

Don't ever tell a New Yorker that this building, 
WTC 1, replaced
the World Trade Centers (7 total) of 9/11. It stands in
honor of those Twin Towers as do any other WTC buildings - #1 (2014), 4 (2013), and 7 (2006) are 
opened and #3 is expected to open this year. 

There are two reflecting pools,
one on the site of each of the Twin Towers.
Etched in the bronze panels around the edges
are the names of everyone who died in not only
the 2001 attack, but also the 1993 attack.
Occasionally, you will see a rose by a name
signifying that it is the birthday of the deceased.

 From there, Scott and I parted ways for a couple of hours.
I toured the 9/11 Memorial Museum in October. 
We may have seen it separately but we both agreed
that the atmosphere inside is like no other museum.
It is generally quiet and somber.
Here are just a few of many pictures that we took:

In October, I had briefly ventured inside
Westfield World Trade Center - the wierd
looking mall pictured below. It almost
looks like an ice rink from the upper level.
I went inside to see what else was there. 
What you see isn't what you get - there's
much more. The shops extend beyond
for a block or more down each side.

After I stumbled upon Eataly and finally
exited outside, I was so far from where I
had entered that it was mentally dizzying!

Per that marketplace of info,
Wikapedia:"Eataly is the largest Italian marketplace in the world, comprising a variety of restaurants, food and beverage counters, bakery, retail items, and a cooking school.Check out there website and see if you too would want to stumble upon it in NY (2 locations), Chicago, LA, or Boston." 

Cheese anyone? Just a
small sampling of what's

My Scott-less adventure wasn't over!
I began walking down the street in the
direction of Trinity Church, thinking I would sit
and relax in the old cemetery on the property, 
when I came upon a large retaining wall to the side of it.
I ascended the staircase next to the wall
and walked in to this:

I'm not completely sure all that was being celebrated
but there was a large cake for Deacon Somebody's
birthday along with hamburgers, hot dogs,
chicken wings, chicken skewers, sides, other desserts
and plenty to drink. I was invited to join their parish
picnic. I did. As the people began to disperse,
there was still plenty of food left so I made a
plate for Scott. He joined me and we went to
the other side of the church to visit the most
famous grave in the old cemetery:
Alexander Hamilton's mark is all over the city!

This is Trinity Church - the building between
the picnic side of the cemetery (sounds kinda strange)
and Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton's grave.

Walking down the street to see the
Wall Street Bull, we stumbled upon
Pa and junior here: 

It's kind of like a bull fight to get next to
this beast for a picture. Even more
are taking selfies around the defiant
little girl facing off with the bull.

"Big Bus" is a hop-on/hop-off tour and
the Battery Park stop is at the tip end
of Manhattan - a ride we were very much
ready to stay on after considerable walking.
Only a small portion of what we saw is
represented in these pictures - more to come
on the Big Bus...

Brooklyn skyline from Battery Park

 A portion of NYC's salt supply  under the Brooklyn Bridge
- not needed in the record high temps
experienced the week we were there.

One of my favorite scenes - school age
boys playing on a baseball field
at the edge of the Brooklyn Bridge

 Our closest experience with the Brooklyn Bridge

Representations of the largest China Town in the U.S.

The UN Building - which is a representation of nothing. 

 I made this one large enough to read in case you want to move in next week:

Just a view from the bus that I enjoyed

Some guy named Tony was handing out
awards and we passed by as he rolled out
his red carpet. 

Day 4 was so exciting that it felt like 2 days - 
4b is still to come. 

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