Monday, July 10, 2017

NYC - Buildings

Last September, I was considering making a fall trip to Arkansas to see my parents only to find out that at the same time, they were planning another trip to New York City. So much for that visit. Then, it occurred to me, "Why fly to Little Rock for a visit when you can go visit in NYC?" It didn't take much (really, not any) persuasion to convince Dad and Mom that it was a good idea and two weeks later, I was boarding a plane to the Newark, NJ, airport then driving through the Lincoln Tunnel and right into the city. It was love at first sight!

Fast forward to June, 2017. After 26 years at Rockport Baptist Church, Scott decided to take a sabbatical. As part of the time off, I thought he had to see NYC. So we took a 12 day trip back east, with 6 days in the Big Apple. This series of posts is pictures from both trips.

Buildings. I like buildings - the taller, the better. With 243 skyscrapers, NYC meets the bill. So here a few of my favorites - at least compared to how many we took, it's a few. 

I like this picture because it shows the historic Marble Collegiate Church (built in 1854, organized over 300 years ago) in the foreground and the Empire State Building in the background. Contrast is everywhere!

 The building of buildings never ends. 
There's always one more place to put up another skyscraper.
These are from Friday's trip to the 70th floor of Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center).
In the foreground is St. Patrick's Catherdral.

From my October trip, views from the Empire State Building.
If you can, go up to the observation decks of buildings such as these
just before sunset. You get day and night views.

Scott really liked the brownstones.

The projects.
We saw a NYC documentary that told about these so when we saw them from the Bus Tour, we had to take pictures. They seems to go on forever.

The United Nations - an ugly building for an ugly idea.

The Chrysler Building - across from Grand Central Station

The connection between the identical buildings on the left 
and in the center houses a swimming pool.

The fine print: these 1-3 bedroom residences are 1.1 million dollars.

Your wanting to live in a regular old house in Manhattan?
Buy the "air rights" above a high rise and build.
As I recall, they said there are 5 of these. I'm not sure how much air costs
but I know it's a lot more than I'll ever have - probably across my lifetime.

Saks 5th Avenue

The rest are just a bunch of buildings. Some pics we took just
because they looked so much like what we've pictures NYC to be.

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