Sunday, July 16, 2017

NYC - Day 3

Saturday, in the park - I think it was the 10 of June. That just doesn't sound quite the same as what Simon and Garfunkel gave us but, it will have to do. And, we really only hit the edge of the park on Saturday.

We exited the bus at the southeast corner where
Scott posed with William Tecumseh Sherman 
- one of the 29 statues in Central Park

 It wasn't lunch time but we did pay
a pictorial tribute to Nathan's

At the southwest corner of Central Park is
Columbus Circle

And you will find
Trump International Hotels just as
you exit the circle

October flashback...
The Dakota - home of many famous
people through the years including
John Lennon and Yoko Ono (she's still there).
Also, the location of his murder.
So naturally, across the street is the
"Strawberry Fields"
section of Central Park - where many strange people hang out.

and another October flashback...
New York Historical Society
I sided with Alexander Hamilton

 I never saw Night at the Museum but
I understand that the movie is far less
disappointing than the museum.
Our advice: skip it. I like the Historical Society
much better. If you do go, don't pay full price. It's
pay whatever you want but you must get a ticket.

There are dinosaurs at the front.
They are the ones with just bones.

 From there, we took the Big Bus (more later)
to St. John the Divine Church.
There is only a suggested charge and it's beautiful...

 But this exhibit on the inside and 
statue on the outside are a bit strange.

Now it was lunch time and we were hungry.
Scott took to his phone to find a place to eat.
This doesn't always work in NYC. There are more
restaurants than can show up on your phone.
We ended up back at the corner where we started
and ate at Lion's Head Tavern. I thought it was
very much worth it.


We decided there was enough time
to find Alexander Hamilton's home before heading
back to mid-town for our evening plans.
En-route, we stumbled upon LaFayette Square
and this monument of George Washington and
Marquis De LaFayette - America's favorite Frenchman.

 And, just around the corner from Hamilton Grange,
St. James Presbyterian Church
I know nothing about it but we saw many
beautiful old churches - this is just one example.

And finally, after learning why this part of Harlem
is called Washington Heights,
we arrived - only to find out that we had missed
the last tour by about 2 minutes. But, we did
get to see the ground floor.

It's obvious that the Broadway hit, Hamilton,
has changed the traffic patterns here.
They are beginning to do some much needed
maintenance to the house.

 And while I'm at it, the book is great...
Check it out from this link or at your local library.
It might take a while to read, though! 

On our way back to the subway,
we discovered that not all of NYC is sidewalks,
buildings, and planned parks...

 Leaving Harlem to go back to the hotel...

...And change clothes for a concert at
Carnegie Hall.
DC Talk and Newsboys artist, Michael Tait,
sang a few songs with a couple of
large choirs from Tennessee.

Final comments on Carnegie Hall:
It has been called,  
"the acoustic crown jewel of American concert halls." 
I can see how that is so but that night,
I didn't really hear it. 
21st century sound equipment just doesn't bring out what I canonly imagine you would have heard a century ago.
It's still worth saying you've been there and you don't
have to pay an arm and a leg. Many of the lesser
known group concerts aren't expensive. 

 One more stop at Ray's Pizza before calling it a night.

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