Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sabbatical Trip Part 2 - Day 9

June 16, 2017, was our 33 anniversary. We celebrated with a late start day trip from Annapolis to Baltimore. Scott found Nick's Crab Shack for lunch and it was tasty!

This picture is included because we were
eating outdoors and Scott found my solution
to the bright sun and reading the menu quite amusing. 

The next stop was one that I was really looking forward to and requires a bit of background as to why. There are two pieces of music that nearly always bring tears to my eyes: several parts of Handel's Messiah (especially part 3) and The Star Spangled Banner. My favorite version of our national anthem is linked to the title. It's a bit different but I love it and I love the energy with which Madison Rising sings it.

Anyway, why am I so moved by the song? Because of the story behind it - a story which took place at Ft. McHenry. Every time we get to the line, "Oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave", I imagine the anxiety that Francis Scott Key and the men with him must have felt waiting to see if the fort in the Chesapeake Bay was secure. Then, I imagine the relief and excitement after this very important battle for keeping our country was over.

So there, now you know. Click here for 9 things you might not know about the Star Spangled Banner at History.com. And,  Here are a few pictures:


What would make an anniversary perfect? Glad you asked - a Cardinal baseball game at Camden Yards. I know this comes as a big surprise to readers who know me, but the Cardinals happened to be on the east coast while we were. I'll save most of the details for the baseball park blog I hope to do someday, but I will tell you that Camden Yards did not disappoint. It's the 16th stadium that I've been to and it makes my top three.

 First, a view of M&T Bank Stadium
Home of the Baltimore Ravens

Even the walk from the parking lot
to the stadium was nice. 

This is Eutaw Street from inside
the stadium. It is working alive
before, during, and after the game. 

 The "Iron Man", Cal Ripken, Jr.
He played in 2632 consecutive games
His number and his statute.

  You might also recognize Babe Ruth and Jim Palmer. The Babe was born in Baltimore and first played minor league ball for the Orioles.

 Picnic area inside the park:

Waino signed quite a few autographs
before the game. I tried, but I think you
needed to be under 15 or over 80. 

Our original seats were in the outfield
but if you know me, you know we didn't
end the game there. 

 After the game, there was a little
"Rocket's red glare."

And bombs bursting in air!

Sparks were flying on this anniversary! 
(some homes have "dad jokes" - ours has "mom jokes")

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