Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sounds of Music

Does the sound of music fill your house? No, not the movie (although there is a good reason it still plays in homes today). Does music play a role in your house being a home? Many of my earliest memories involve music. My mother reminds me of the time she made my preschool choir robe and how adorable I looked in it (no comment, please). It was with great anticipation that my parents looked forward to the night their little three year old would sing. She sang at home. She sang in the car. Now, she'll sing for the world - well, for the church and with a few other children surrounding her. In the interest of protecting my parents from swelling with pride, I refused to step on stage when the time came (my version, I think theirs may be different!).

Other memories include the second grade school program. Oh, I wanted so badly to "go fishin' in the craw dad hole". You see, all the girls in the program were going to wear frilly little dresses. I wanted to wear the overalls and go barefoot and carry the fishin' pole - with Barry Howard, none the less (he was just a good friend, Scott). And guess what! I got to do it. I still remember that song. A song of innocence that is no longer in many repertoires.

Then there were the times when I could not sleep at night. What would I ask for? None other than Glenn Campbell's records on the console stereo. "Lineman for the County" along with other Campbell favorites would fill the house just so Amy could hear it as she went to sleep.

One more memory, please. Ok, two. Periodically we would stay with my grandmother. I don't remember the frustration of being awakened early in the morning (my dad would beg to differ) nearly as much as remember my grandmother playing hymns on the organ. When the organ concert concluded, the vocals began as she washed dishes - again, singing hymns. That's one, now the other... As forgetful as I can be lately, I'll never forget listening to my mother sing hymns. What really stands out is how she might be on the line, "...when we've been there ten thousand years..." and then the phone would ring. Mom would stop singing, carry on a phone conversation for what seemed like forever, say her goodbyes, and then pick up right where she left off, "...bright shining as the sun..." She's probably reading this so I must say, "What an example of being focused!"

I could bore you or enlighten you with many other musical memories from my childhood but I'll stop. My point, music has created lasting memories. But not only memories, a love for music has carried over into my adult life in such a way as to provide a glorious avenue with which to praise and worship my Lord. Music plays an instrumental (pun intended) role in scripture. As early as Genesis, chapter four, musical instruments were introduced. Mariam, Moses, and Hannah all responded to the work of the Lord with outburst of song. David strummed his harp as he watched for and eventually killed the savage beast preying upon the helpless sheep Later, with the same harp, he would enter the presence of Saul and calm the savage beast within the tormented king.

Many times the Old Testament illustrates rejoicing with the sounds of music. There were music leaders, there were instrumentalist, and yes, even some godly dancing. Search it out and as the New Testament exhorts us, "learn from these examples" (I Corinthians 10:11).

Psalms resonates with the sound of music. As the hymnal of the Israelites, the psalms bring us to a greater understanding of how to glorify God through worship. A crescendo that never that never falls concludes the psalms in chapter 150. As we peer into the New Testament, we again find the Spirit pointing us to the Psalms in such verses as Ephesians 5:19, where believers are encouraged to "speak to one another with psalms, hymn, and spiritual songs."

I could go on and on and you probably think I already have! All of this to say, "Please, fill your home with the sounds of music!" Share this gift with your children. Pursue their interest in musical instruments. It might last a couple of weeks or it could be for a lifetime. Either way, they profit. Play music in your home. Aldi has a CD player on sale this week for just $19.99! Ask around, I'm sure there are other believers who will share with you age appropriate godly music. Introduce a wide variety of styles. Let your children learn how creative a God we have. Spring a little blue grass on them followed by some Bach. Let them know that "When He Was on the Cross, I was on His Mind" and, that on the "Third Day" he rose again! Mix in a bit of "Passion" with the "Fruit Song". But, please, fill your home with the sounds of music!


indianshawls said...

nice blog

Cyndi said...

you go girl

Cyndi said...

Yeah sister!! You go girl! I know in our home Christ centered music is vital because Jesus' love lifted me and wherever he leads I'll go because Jesus paid it all so we must crown Him with many crowns and I will sing the wondrous story--oh, blessed be the name of the Lord and how I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nararene, so all hail the power of Jesus' name for I know my Redeemer lives! When I survey the wondrous cross I can't help but proclaim how great is our God for He is Holy, Holy, Holy and I don't know about you, but I want to have faith in God and always be leaning on the everlasting arms! What a friend we have in Jesus!! You might say I'm a Jesus FREAK!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amy...When I think of you and music, I remember the youth choir at FBC Benton with Ron leading and YOU always there singing!!
Gale and Ron Alexander