Friday, February 13, 2009

Judd Gregg is My Hero - this week

Judd Gregg, President Obama's choice for Commerce Secretary, has declined after originally accepting the cabinet position. The ramifications of this have been mixed. Many (the press) are accusing him of not thinking through this decision. I would like to think that he thought through it beyond what we could have imagined.

His resignation has brought two blatantly bad administrative moves to the forefront. First, the stimulus package. Most Americans hear everything political and economical through the liberal stained glass of the press, including the "stimulus" package. By stating his reasons for declining the Commerce Secretary position, Senator Gregg has brought the negative side of this package to the non-Fox TV screen. A package which has only one real stimulus - it stimulates the American economy one trillion more steps towards socialism.

Secondly, President Obama plans to strip the Commerce department of its Census responsibility and place it directly under the "rule" of the office of the president. Does this cause anyone else's "red" flag to raise as high as possible? This just rings absolutely wrong. What is this guy trying to do? Well, thank you Judd Gregg for pointing this out as a reason you are declining this position. We can only hope and pray that the American people will hear your conscience and something within them will stir.

Senator Judd may not have thought through all of this ahead of time. I really kind of doubt it. I believe his intentions of accepting the post were to be a political light in the political... well, you know. But no matter what, I sure hope this is as least a small stir in the great American melting pot.